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Long Series Clamps | Made to Order

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Long Series Clamps | Made to Order

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Don’t let your work be out of reach of being clamped ever again with the  Long Series Clamp. Swap out clamp arms to get the perfect reach for your project. Easily apply clamp force over long reach with the t-handle shoe.

Don’t let your clamps come up short for a project again.

Notice: Made to Order Clamps may have a lead time of up to 6 weeks. All orders may be canceled for a full refund prior to fulfillment. Any order that is not fulfilled will be refunded in full.

Contact us at sales@dimide.com with any questions or comments

VAT Note: VAT will be collected by the shipper upon delivery for international customers.

Long Reach Series Features

Get The Reach & Clamp Force You Need

  • Modular Long Reach

    Don't let your work ever be out of reach again. Customize your clamp with up to 60 Inches of reach while delivering reliable clamp force.

  • Interchangeable Arms

    Switch out your clamp arms to best fit the job at hand. Buy one clamp body with multiple sets of arms for more versatility.

  • Anti-Twist Structure

    Unlike other long reach clamps, ours is highly resistant to twisting under load. This is thanks to a high-strength steel torsion box clamp body and hollow tubing interchangeable arms.

  • Easy Tightening T-Handle Shoe

    Our T-handle shoe makes it easy to clamp with reliable force even over long reach. While other long reach clamps are lucky to deliver tens of pounds, ours makes it easy to deliver hundreds.


Clamp Force Rating
    •12-Inch: 800 lbs
    •24-Inch: 800 lbs
    •36-Inch: 800 lbs
    •48-Inch: 600 lbs
    •60-Inch: 480 lbs
   •Core Clamp Body: 10.0 lbs
   •12-Inch Package: 15.0 lbs
   •24-Inch Package: 18.6 lbs
   •36-Inch Package: 24.6 lbs
   •48-Inch Package: 29.1 lbs
   •60-Inch Package: 33.5 lbs
Impact Wrench Rating:
   •400 foot-pounds or 1/2" Battery Powered Impact Wrench

High-Strength Construction

The Long Series Clamp has been made to maintain a lightweight structure while delivering substantial strength through the combination of high strength steel and structural optimization.

Customer Reviews

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On Track Farming
Great Clamps, Great company

I have purchased several clamps from Dimide and am impressed with the quality and versatility. The company has been great to work with.