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Dimide Heavy-Duty Impact Wrench Compatible Metalworking & Welding Clamp - 8 inch.

Dimide Heavy-Duty Impact Wrench Compatible Metalworking & Welding Clamp - 8 inch.

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Awesome product and awesome folks to work with.

This apparently graduates from engineering to some kind of magic...

These clamps are unbelievable. They put brute force and fine adjustability in the same tool, which is unheard of. The grip face is a brass block that swivels so you can switch between a flat face or two different serrated faces. These things are truly remarkable, and they apply to work all over the shop.

I wish I'd had a pair of these brutes twenty years ago. You will save money by buying two of these, and save room in your shop when you don't need a dozen other kinds of clamps. Truly ingenious.

Much stouter than Kant-Twist

These are really stout... heavy duty clamps. The gauge steel is almost 2 times heavier than the Kant-twist clamps. I’m impressed with the design and quality of craftsmanship of these clamps.
That said, they are also more expensive than the Kant Twist clamps but the Dimide clamps do have their place in the shop IMO.
It’s kind of like comparing Bessey clamps to Jorgensen clamps. Both good quality but I’d prefer using the Bessey every time. Same here....like the Kant-Twist but prefer the Dimide.

Revolutionarly Breakthrough for Clamping Metal

This clamp is a revolutionary breakthrough for clamping metal. It has turned my clamping experience from drudgery to ease, because I can drive the clamp screw with my variable-speed impact wrench, instead of depending upon my own strength. (The design of this clamp enables an impact wrench to ease the clamping process, just as it has eased the loosening of rusted-on lug nuts.) I can now obtain huge clamping forces with very little effort. For example, by holding the clamp in one gloved hand and the impact wrench in the other, I snuggle the clamp down upon the work. Then I make adjustments, and finally I clamp down hard with the impact wrench. Releasing the clamp with the impact wrench is just as easy. In this way, I have operated the clamp all day, four days in a row, with very little stress.
The clamp comes with a T-handle for manual operation. I found the T-handle useful when clamping pipes, where fine adjustment is needed to fit the pipes into the V-grooves. After making this adjustment, I remove the T-handle and clamp down hard. I remember struggling with manual clamps to tighten down a metal work-piece to the table of a drill press or a milling machine. Thanks to this new clamp and my impact wrench, those struggles are over!
Once while tightening, I got careless and let the impact wrench slip off the clamp; but there was no harm or damage done. This clamp is well-made, and I found it to be safe and forgiving to use, provided I wear gloves and I remove the T-handle before applying the impact wrench. A safety-stop prevents my being pinched between the main hinge and the screw. Also, wearing gloves avoids my being scuffed by the mechanism. I am excited about this clamp, and I would recommend it to anyone who clamps metal.

Best clamp available

Should have called and bought much sooner. Great company to deal with and a quality product.

Dimide Heavy-Duty Impact Wrench Compatible Metalworking & Welding Clamp - 8 inch.


The Dimide Clamp effortlessly delivers over 5,000 lbs of clamp force, unlike other clamps where you will find yourself struggling to deliver a meager 1,000 lbs of clamp force regardless of their rating. With this amount of clamp force, setups that used to require 5 clamps now require only one Dimide Clamp.

Each DIMIDE clamp is thoroughly tested prior to leaving our facility and is covered by our Limited 2-Year Warranty as well as a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.


  • 8-Inch Dimide Clamp
  • 6 1/2" Removable T-handle with a spring plunger
  • Vise Kit machine drawings


  • Made in the USA.
  • Improved safety and clamp ergonomics by eliminating repetitive motion.
  • Time to fully open/close when driven with an impact wrench:
    • 2.5 seconds, 10x faster than similar clamps.
  • 1/2 inch male hex drive is compatible with impact wrenches, torque wrenches, ratchets...
  • Factory greased screws
  • Comfortable removable handle.
  • Clamp shoes have a v-groove surface for clamping pipe and smooth surfaces for clamping plates
  • Copper coated screw and feet for weld spatter protection.
  • High strength to weight ratio.
  • Max clamping force:
    • 7,700 pounds
  • Manual torque rating:
    • 8-inch: 180 foot-pounds
  • Impact wrench rating:
    • 8-inch: 400 foot-pounds
  • Open Throat Depth (max):
    • 8-inch: 5 3/4 inches
  • Closed Throat Depth (min):
    • 8-inch: 4 1/2 inches
  • Clamp Capacity:
    • 8-inch: 8 inches
Ideal For:
  • Welding
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Heavy Construction
  • Structural Steel Fabrication
  • Bridge Building
  • Shipbuilding
  • Agriculture Maintenance

Suggested Maintenance: Maintain a coating of moly extreme pressure grease on screw threads as required.

Notice: Only use the provided handle on the female hex to prevent deformation. For operation with an impact wrench, use the male hex.

Build Quality:

The unique shape has been optimized using today's most advanced aerospace engineering analysis tools by our expert team of engineers. To handle impact wrench loading, the high-strength hardened Chromoly steel screws use rolled threads. To add weld spatter resistance, the hardened steel shoes and screw have a copper coated finish. The high strength steel plates are zinc plated to resist corrosion. This all delivers a quality clamp that is prepared to deliver decades of service.

Have any questions on how the Dimide Clamp can improve your work? Email us at sales@dimide.com or call us at (719) 648-8110 and a representative will get in contact with you!

Please contact us directly at sales@dimide.com or call us at (719) 648-8110 to discuss large orders.

Notice: Dimide is not responsible for any import taxes that may be incured upon delivery of products to international customers.