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6 1/4 Series Clamp | Pre-Order

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6 1/4 Series Clamp | Pre-Order

$39.00 $49.00 saving $10.00
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Notice: Pre-ordered 1/4 Series Clamps are anticipated to ship this January. Please reach out to us at sales@dimide.com if you have any questions.

Have you ever been frustrated with it being too hard to get the clamp force you want? Well you don't have to be frustrated with clamps anymore! We have made the first single-handed clamp that effortlessly delivers clamp force you can trust! Easily deliver 2,200 lbs of reliable clamp force single-handed by connecting an impact driver's quick release chuck to the clamp's impact-rated detent grooved 1/4" hex . You can finally rest assured that your parts are secured without the need to hurt your wrists!

Modular design makes the 1/4 Series Clamp easily customizable for any job. Whether you're looking for a top-quality welding ground clamp or for the ability clamp up pipe, the 1/4 Series Clamp has you covered.

We will constantly be releasing new clamp shoes and accessories to increase the 1/4 Series Clamp's capabilities.

1/4 Series Clamp Features

The one clamp that delivers unmatched performance, ease-of-use, and versatility.

  • Impact-Rated Construction

    The 1/4 Series Clamp is designed and built to be used with 1/4 Inch Impact Drivers for fast, easy, and reliable clamping.

  • Modular Design

    The 1/4 Series Clamp is a master of all trades thanks to it's modular design. Whether you need a top quality welding ground or pipe clamp, the 1/4 Series Clamp has you covered. Modular design allows you to easily switch out shoes to make it the perfect clamp for any job.

  • Single-Handed Operation

    You finally don't need two hands to get a reliable clamping force. Locking the 1/4 Series Clamp to an impact driver allows you to deliver 2,200 lbs of clamp force effortlessly with just one hand. Try to do that with any other clamp.

  • Multi-Use T-Handle

    Sometimes you don't want to reach for an impact or you're just looking to finesse your clamp. The grade 8 steel multi-use T-handle has you covered. It's also fast and easy to remove for when you get tired of manually tightening the clamp.

    The multi-use T-handle may also be used as reaction bar to make tightening the clamp with a ratchet or torque wrench easy. Simply insert the T-handle into one of the mounting holes to react your tightening torque.

Additional Features

The 1/4 Series Clamp is full of features to increase your productivity.
Rapid Turnbuckle Screw

Clamp down with 10X the speed using an impact wrench or 2X the speed manually thanks to the turnbuckle design. This way you can clamp down with speed regardless of your preferred tightening method.

Struggle Free Tightening

You don't have to struggle to get the clamp force you want anymore. Relax while power tools do the hard work for you.

Structurally Optimized

The unique structural profile has been generated through aerospace engineering optimization methods to reduce weight while maximixing strength.

Hand Protecting Safety Stop

The safety stop protects you from the pinch point between the screw and pivot pin while opening with an impact.

Extra Mounting Holes

The 1/4 Series Clamp's customizability is almost limitless thanks to the abundance of mounting holes. With the mounting holes, we have designed the clamp to be convertible into a long reach clamp, pipe clamp and more.

These holes may also be used to easily hang up the clamps for storage.

*Weld Spatter Protection

Optional Upgraded Copper Coated Screws & Shoes ensures that weld spatter won't stick where you least want it.

Copper Coating costs extra and isn't included with the standard clamp.

6 1/4 Series Clamp Specifications

•Clamp Force Rating: 2,500 pounds
•Clamp Force Easily Delivered With 1/4" Impact Driver: 2,200 pounds
*Using 1,825 in*lbs torque Impact Driver
•Impact Driver Rating: 1/4" Battery Powered Impact Driver
•Weight: 2.9 lbs
•Open Throat Depth (max): 4 Inches
•Closed Throat Depth (min): 3 Inches
•Clamp Opening Capacity: 6 Inches
•Time to fully open/close when driven with an impact wrench: 2.0 seconds

Light Weight ≠ Light Duty

High-strength steel alone wasn't enough to handle the demands we wanted to throw at the DIMIDE 1/4 Series Clamp. We had to go a step further opting for a patented jaw profile, an engineered screw, and an abundance of additional processes to make it ready to stand up to a lifetime of demanding use.

Modular Accessories

Our goal was to make the 1/4 Series Clamp your go-to clamp for any job! To do this, we made it the most modular clamp on the market. This way one clamp will allow you to effortlessly deliver reliable grip on any project.

We are working to make the Modular Pipe Shoe and Modular 400A Welding Ground Shoe available ASAP. After, we will continue to release additional shoes and accessories as demand indicates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Great Clamps!!!

Easy to work with - copper coating is very helpful. cant wait to test them out on variety of applications - options really seem limitless.

Great clamp

This looks to be a great clamp. I like the way the pads are attached with pins I can see using other types of pads etc. and the option to use the hand or the power drive.

Super versatile clamp (SVC)

Received a pair of the kickstarter 6 1/4 series clamps and just ordered a couple more as these clamps are some easiest to use, especially one-handed. They are also very versatile because of the design. I found it easy to build different tips for various types of work, e.g., they can become pipe clamps, v-notched clamps, etc.. If you purchase these clamps you won't be disappointed.

Talk about top notch products!

These clamps fright rock. Easy to use and easily changed. They make clamping easy and safe.

6 1\4 clamps

nice clamps and I'm glad to own them..
dislikes,,, the pin in the hinge , it need to be a rivet. all the pins need to be a rivet. i lay um down and the pin will come out. I dropped one on the floor. and lost one of the pins. found it later.. I have a YouTube channel and will be using them often .
Doug In Ohio
MetalWorks Machine Shop

Thank you for the feedback Doug. We are working on incorporating an alternative pin design that prevents the pins from ever coming out accidentally, however it makes removing the jaws far more challenging. I understand that at this time we do not offer additional jaws, but we do plan on adding them as we progress. We look forward to constantly adding more accessories and capabilities to these clamps in the future.

-Emmet Costen, Co-Founder