The Heavy-Duty Dimide Clamp

High Quality, Made In The USA, Heavy-Duty Metalworking & Welding, Impact Wrench Compatible Clamps

Dimide Heavy-Duty Impact Wrench Compatible Metalworking & Welding Clamp - 8 inch.
  • Value

    Saves Time and Money

    Prevents Part-Slippage

    Improved Ergonomics

  • Power

    Tightens 10x faster

    Delivers over 5,000 lbs

    Clamps Effortlessly

  • Versatility

    Impact Wrench Compatible

    Removable T-handle for Manual Use

    1/2-Inch Hex Head for Any Driver

  • Quality

    High-Strength Materials

    Made in the USA

    Relentlessly Engineered

Grip With Confidence

Deliver over 5,000 lbs of clamp load without hurting your wrists!

The Dimide Clamp is an affordable solution to improving your shops ergonomics and manufacturing quality.

Improve Productivity

Stop wasting time slowly tightening clamps.

Start rapidly delivering a secure grip every time.

Learn What Others Think

The Pros at Shop Tool Reviews awarded the Dimide Clamp 4.6 Stars!

Note: Do not use an impact wrench on the female hex.

What People Say About The Dimide Clamp

"This is the fastest and strongest clamp I've ever used. Being able to use an air gun is great!"

"A faster and stronger clamp"

"Reimagining the C-Clamp"

"Effortlessly attain over 5,000 lb of clamp load quickly and reliably"

"Strong C-Clamp gets to rated load fast"

"Clamp compatible with impact wrenches"

The Dimide Clamp

The Made in the USA Dimide® Heavy-Duty Impact Wrench Compatible Metalworking & Welding Clamps allow you to quickly and effortlessly deliver over 5000 lbs. of clamping force. Through effortlessly delivering high clamping force, you can improve workflow and prevent clamps from cluttering your work area.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Clamps Today!

While other clamps may be rated for high clamping force, if you're like us then you've been disappointed by the actual clamp load they deliver. Typical clamps only deliver between 600 and 1,200* lbs of clamping force while also tiring your arms. This is why you have to use 3, 4 or even 5 clamps just to hold down a single part.

This is where the Dimide Clamp can revolutionize your work. Thanks to impact wrench compatibility, the Dimide Clamp effortlessly delivers over 5,000 lbs. This means that what used to be a 5 clamp job is now only a one clamp job!

Increased clamp load also clears up clamp clutter from your work. With clamps that deliver lower clamping force, we had to struggle to find where to place all the clamps on our parts without getting in the way of our work. Now that the same job uses only one clamp we save time and no longer ever have to wonder where we are going to place all of our clamps.

The Dimide Clamp's increased clamping force also makes difficult jobs a breeze. Prior to the Dimide Clamp, steel fabricators needed to use 3 clamps and a blow torch to straighten steel bar for railings and other applications, now they simply use one Dimide Clamp to bend the bar flat and use a spot weld.

The Dimide Clamp saves time and energy by not only reducing the amount of clamps you need for a job but also by replacing slow manual tightening with impact wrench speed and power. This allows the Dimide Clamp to tighten 10x faster than other clamps!