Deliver Grip That Won't Slip

Get the grip you need without breaking a sweat!

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Clamp Down With Flexibility

Tighten the Dimide Clamp With it's removable T-handle or use an impact wrench, ratchet and more!

The Heavy Duty Impact Wrench Compatible DIMIDE Clamp

Deliver The Force You Want

Use the T-handle for lightweight jobs or break out an impact wrench for serious clamping force.

Removable T-Handle

The T-handle includes a locking long nose plunger to allow for single-handed use.

Removable T-handle

Hardened Hex Head

T-handle not delivering enough force?

Our hardened 1/2 inch hex head allows for use with a ratchet, breaker bar, or even an impact wrench to deliver the load you want with ease.

Dimide Clamp Hex Head

Reaction Bar Holes

Use provided 1/2 inch holes to hold a reaction bar while using a ratchet or breaker bar to deliver improved leverage.

Use holes for storage or additional uses such as our vise kit!

Grip What You Need

The Dimide Clamp's high strength steel jaws grip down on round or flat surfaces.

V-Groove Jaws

With two v-groove patterns, easily grip round stock, pipe, or plate.

Durable Construction

High-strength hardened copper coated steel provides high durability and weld spatter resistance.

Relentlessly Engineered

Designed and optimized by an Aerospace Structural Engineer with over 30 years of experience and today's most advanced tools.

High Strength Screw

Copper coated hardened high-strength chromoly steel with rolled threads delivers durability to stand up to your most demanding tasks.

Optimized Geometry

The unique shape has been optimized using today's most advanced structural analysis tools.

Dimide Clamp FEA

Rigid Shear Plates

Patented shear plate construction prevents twisting and provides rigid clamping.

Pinch Resistant Nuts

Offset threads from pivot point prevent thread pinching due to bending at high loads.

Safety Stop

Swaged on safety stop prevents the clamp from pinching fingers and provides a 1/2 inch female hex for the T-handle.

Changing The Way You Clamp

All this comes together to revolutionize the way you clamp down on parts.

Clear Up Workspace Clutter

Replace three or more clamps with one Dimide Clamp to reduce clutter and set-up time!

Prevent Part Slippage

Stop trashing parts because of a clamp slipping.

Increase Productivity

Rapidly close weld gaps as you move around your work.

Stop Breaking Your Back

Effortlessly deliver 3-4x the clamp force with impact wrench compatility.

Use Fewer Clamps

Two Dimide Clamp deliver more holding capacity than most machinists are getting with up to five clamps. This allows you to make larger cuts, increase productivity, and rest assured that your parts won't slip!

Clamp With Confidence

Know that your clamp is delivering the load you need.

Have Some Fun

Lastly, enjoy your work.... we certainly do!

Don't Take Our Word For It

Listen to what some of our customers have been saying about the Dimide Clamp.

"This is the fastest and strongest clamp I've ever used. Being able to use an air gun is great!"

"A faster and strong clamp"

"Reimagining The C-Clamp

"Effortlessly attain over 5,000 lbs of clamp load quickly and reliably"

"Strong C-Clamp gets to rated load fast"

"Clamp compatible with impact wrenches"

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"These Dimide clamps provide plenty of clamping load to keep your work secure, whether you're welding, grinding, drilling, or sanding."

Keith Fenner

Keith Fenner uses the Dimide Clamp to lift up the back of his truck!