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DIMIDE's Mission

Provide exceptionally engineered solutions to help hardworking manufacturers & makers while giving back to the industry through investing in Made In The USA capabilities.

Dimide Welding Background

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"This is the fastest and strongest clamp I've ever used. Being able to use an air gun is great!"

"A faster and strong clamp"

"Reimagining The C-Clamp"

"Effortlessly attain over 5,000 lbs of clamp load quickly and reliably"

"Strong C-Clamp gets to rated load fast"

High Quality DIMIDE Clamp


Mike Costen, President & Co-Founder | Center

Emmet Costen, Business Development & Co-Founder | Right

Ed Murphy, Business Development | Left

DIMIDE's Story

Founded in 2016 by father and son team, Mike and Emmet Costen who are both structural engineers. DIMIDE started after struggling with typical clamps one too many times and knowing that we could put our talents together to create a superior product. Our goal was to create a clamp that didn't hurt our hands while delivering a secure grip every time. This is when Mike had an idea, we could use one of our impact wrenches to tighten the clamp. This would provide an ergonomic solution while delivering high clamp load. After putting his over 30 years of structural engineering experience to work, he came up with an optimized clamp design and we haven't looked back since!

DIMIDE delivers quality