The Dimide Clamp

Clamp effortlessly with impact wrench compatibility!



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Dimide Changed My Shop!

Learn how Dimide can change your's too.

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Dimide Delivers Quality

Our goal is to create a tool to last decades to come.

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"A faster and stronger clamp"

"Reimagining the C-Clamp"

"Effortlessly attain over 5,000 lb of clamp load quickly and reliably"

"Strong C-Clamp gets to rated load fast"

"Clamp compatible with impact wrenches"

"This is the fastest and strongest clamp I've ever used. Being able to use an air gun is great!"

Save Time and Money with Dimide

Get more work done in less time.

Start tightening 10x faster.

Effortlessly achieve 5,000 lbs of clamp load.

Use fewer clamps on your next project.

Clamp ergonomically with no repetitive motion.

The Dimide Clamp

Delivering grip you can trust!

Dimide Clamp
  • Value

    Saves Time and Money

    Prevents Part-Slippage

    Improved Ergonomics

  • Power

    Tightens 10x faster

    Delivers 5,000 lbs

    Clamps Effortlessly

  • Versatility

    Impact Wrench for Power

    Handle for Convenience

    Torque Wrench for Precision

  • Quality

    High-Strength Materials


    Optimized Design

  • Speed

    Don't be held back by other clamps. With 10x the speed, the Dimide Clamp will never slow you down!

    Dimide Speed
  • Power

    Don't throw out another part because of a clamp slipping again. Effortlessly deliver over 5,000 pounds of load every time.

    Dimide Power
  • Safety

    The Dimide Clamp provides safety benefits and delivers ergonomic clamping by removing the repetitive motion other clamps require.

    Dimide Safety