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DIMIDE Affiliate Program

Earn money when you spread the word about your favorite tools

Become an affiliate today

The DIMIDE Affiliate Program

Become a DIMIDE® Affiliate and start earning money when you spread the word about DIMIDE® tools.
Earn Commissions

Each time someone uses your referral link to purchase a DIMIDE tool you will receive a commission on the sale.

Get Free DIMIDE Tools

Gain access to free DIMIDE® tools to test out and work up to outfitting your whole shop.

Host DIMIDE Tool Giveaways

Thank your fans, friends and others with free DIMIDE® tool giveaways!

Make Your Voice Heard

Test new DIMIDE tools and let us know how to make them work perfectly for you before they launch.

Start Earning Money

When you spread the word about DIMIDE tools and share your referral link you will earn money when ever someone buys tools through your link.

Grow As An Affiliate

As you continue creating content and spreading the word about DIMIDE tools, you will be able to earn free tools, earn more commissions, host free tool giveaways, implement discount codes and more!

Guide Future Tool Design

As an affiliate you will have the opportunity to provide feedback on all of DIMIDE's products that guides future design improvements and new tools.

As you grow as an affiliate you will also be able to test & review new pre-production tools before anyone else gets access!

Free DIY Accessory Plans

We are making our DIY accessory plans that allow for making upgrades to your modular DIMIDE 1/4 Series Clamps available for free to anyone!

FREE DIY Accessory Plans

Get FREE DIY plans to upgrade your 1/4 Series Clamps from GrabCAD. Use existing plans to create new ideas about ways to further upgrade and improve your clamps and provide value to your audience.

Affiliate Program FAQ