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Dimide, Inc. offers custom tool solutions for your unique projects. Our team of engineers can help solve your problems from project start-up to product delivery. We work hands-on with you to determine the best design to solve your task. Once the design has been accepted we then deliver prototype iterations for your testing, during which adjustments to the design can be made to ensure the final product exceeds your expectations. Once the prototype has been approved, we will provide a quote for your order volume.

Contact Dimide about your problem today, and have a qualified engineer working on your solution asap!

Costs will vary depending upon the project.

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Dimide Design Work

Modular Capabilities

We are focused on making all of our products easy to modify to allow for affordable custom work-holding solutions with rapid turn around.

1/4 Series Clamp

DIMIDE 1/4 Series Clamp
The Dimide 1/4 Series Clamp incorporates a highly modular design that allows for extending reach, interchanging jaws and more to better fit whatever your needs are.

Long Series Clamp
DIMIDE Long Series Clamp

The Dimide Long Series Clamps have also been designed to perfectly fit any long reach need that you have up. These clamps are custom made and can deliver as much as 60-inches of reach with plenty of clamping force.

Custom Engineered Solutions:

No-Mar Custom Jaws


Aluminum No-Mar Custom Clamp
A large aerospace manufacturer reached out to DIMIDE in need of a custom No-Mar solution for clamping titanium. Dimide proposed using soft aluminum jaws to provide a no-mar work hold solution that delivered over 5,000 lbs of clamping force.
Aluminum 8-Inch No-Mar Jaw

The large Aerospace Manufacturer also needed a no-mar step over jaw for flange clearance. DIMIDE created an extended aluminum jaw to provide a custom work holding solution.

Dimide Custom No-Mar Clamps

Extended Opening Capacity Clamp (F-Clamp Replacement)

Dimide was asked to create an ergonomic power tool driven work holding solution to replace F-Clamps by a very large construction equipment supplier. Dimide delivered a work-holding solution that perfectly met their needs.

F-Clamp Replacement

Dimide created a clamp with an extended turnbuckle screw. We then also added a pivot extension with aligning springs. This provided an extended opening capacity clamp that is compatible with impact wrenches. The pivot extension bar also contains additional holes so that the opening capacity could be changed similarly to an F-Clamp.


F-Clamp Replacement Extended Reach

Dimide was then notified that the large construction equipment manufacturer also needed extended reach. Fortunately we were able to easily adapt our long series clamp arms to perfectly fit their needs. This provided a long reach and large opening capacity with a low weight thanks to a highly optimized design and high-strength steel.

Beam alignment clamps

Dimide provided three designs and prototypes of a beam alignment clamp specially designed for shipyards which can also be used in other industries.

Beam Alignment Clamp 1

Capable of 3 Axis Alignment (2" Lateral - 6,000 lbs, and 1.5" Vertical - 3,500 lbs). Designed for rapid beam alignment, 3 axis alignment (2 translational, 1 twisting), non-marring grip, and hands-free single user alignment.

Beam Alignment Clamp

Beam Alignment Clamp 2

Capable of 2 Axis Alignment (2" Lateral - 2,500 lbs, and 1.5" Vertical - 1,500 lbs). Designed for rapid beam alignment, 2 axis alignment (2 translational), non-marring grip, and single user alignment.

Beam Alignment Clamp

Beam Alignment Clamp 3

Capable of Guided Alignment (2" Lateral - 4,500 lbs, and 1.5" Vertical - 2,000 lbs). Designed for rapid beam alignment, guided alignment (2 translational), and hands-free single user alignment.

Beam Alignment Clamp

High Amperage Ground Clamp

Specially designed for shipyards, and can also be used in other industries. Each jaw is compatible with 4/0 wire and rated for 800 Amps. Both jaws can be replaced with high conductivity 4/0 wire compatible copper jaws for a rating of 1,200 Amps with two 4/0 wires!
Dimide Ground Clamp

Long Reach High Load Clamp

Dimide's specially designed 12"x12" clamp was designed to deliver high clamp load through impact wrench compatibility while also delivering long reach. 

Dimide 12x12 Clamp

Electrically Insulated High-Force Clamp

DIMIDE Custom Clamp

We were contacted by a major mining equipment manufacturer to design a clamp that could meet their high clamp force requirements along with a specific reach, high opening capacity, and a electrically insulated contact. After multiple design iterations and structural optimization, we landed upon a clamp that meet their stringent requirements at a dramatically reduced cost compared to the alternative.

Uniform Pressure Long Span Clamp

DIMIDE Press Clamp

We were contacted by a customer with the need to develop a uniform pressure and long span clamp to assist with aligning multiple planks of wood or other material. We developed a solution that consisted of a pre-bent metal span that would apply uniform pressure across the full span while the two ends were clamped down. This worked to remove an warping from the material and created a flat surface that made adhering the planks of wood or other material together a breeze.

DIMIDE-Denso SeaShield™ Clamp

DIMIDE-Denso SeaShield Clamp

Denso reached out to us to collaborate on making a custom impact-rated clamp that was compatible with their proprietary SeaShield™ products. These clamps make installation of their products a breeze by incorporating fast and easy clamping powered by impact-wrenches. Denso will sell these custom clamps with their SeaShield™ product line.

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Contact Dimide about your problem today, and have a qualified engineer working on your solution asap!

Phone: (203) 668-9621        Email: sales@dimide.com