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DIMIDE HD Series #8 Clamp | Impact-Rated

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DIMIDE HD Series #8 Clamp | Impact-Rated

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Notice: Due to high demand, HD Series Clamps are on back order, and will ship within 4 weeks. 

Stop struggling tightening clamps. Get the clamp force you've always wanted without hurting your wrists. Starting getting a grip you can trust every time with ease.

Stop trading power for speed. The DIMIDE HD Series Clamp combines 10X the speed of other clamps with relentless clamping force that won't let go of your parts.

Stop cluttering up your work with countless under performing clamps. The DIMIDE HD Series Clamp allows you to confidently hold down your work with fewer clamps.

Become the boss of your parts.

Notice: Do not use with a Pneumatic Impact Wrench

VAT Note: VAT will be collected by the shipper upon delivery for international customers.

HD Series Clamp Features

No other clamp comes close to delivering the combination of speed, power, and ease of use.

  • Impact-Rated Construction

    Heat-treated chromoly steel and engineered threads makes this clamp ready to handle the brute force of a 1/2 inch impact wrench. Start effortlessly clamping down with the speed and power you have always wanted.

  • Rapid Turnbuckle Screw

    Clamp down with 10X the speed using an impact wrench or 2X the speed manually thanks to the turnbuckle design. This way you can clamp down with speed regardless of your preferred tightening method.

  • Weld Spatter Protection

    Don't fret about weld spatter ruining your clamp. Copper coated screws and shoes ensures that weld spatter won't stick where you least want it.

  • V-Grooved Shoes

    Don't be limited to only clamping flat surfaces. V-grooved shoes make it easy to clamp round stock or pipe.

Additional Features

The HD Series Clamp is full of features to increase your productivity.
Quick Remove T-handle

We updated the tried and true T-handle to be quick and easy to remove for when you want to clamp down with real power without hurting your wrists.

Struggle Free Tightening

You don't have to struggle to get the clamp force you want anymore. Relax while power tools do the hard work for you.

Structurally Optimized

The unique structural profile has been generated through aerospace engineering optimization methods to reduce weight while maximixing strength.

Storage & Reaction Bar Holes

Holes in the side plates make it easy to hang up these clamps in your shop for storage.

These holes may also be used to insert a reaction bar to make it easy to manually apply significant clamping force.

*Reaction bar not included

Hand Protecting Safety Stop

The safety stop protects you from the pinch point between the screw and pivot pin while opening with an impact.


•Max clamping force: 7,700 pounds
•Impact wrench torque rating:
     •400 foot-pounds or
     •1/2" Battery Powered Impact Wrench
•Weight: 12.0 lbs
•Open Throat Depth (max): 5-3/4 Inches
•Closed Throat Depth (min): 4-1/2 Inches
•Clamp Opening Capacity: 8 Inches
•Manual torque rating: 180 foot-pounds
•Time to fully open/close when driven with an impact wrench: 2.5 seconds

Built For Your Toughest Jobs

High-strength steel alone wasn't enough to handle the demands we wanted to throw at the DIMIDE HD Series Clamp. We had to go a step further opting for a patented jaw profile, a specially engineered screw, and an abundance of additional manufacturing processes to get the strength that it takes to stand up to a lifetime of use with an impact wrench.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Douglas Dodson
Good Product

These are handy clamps. If using an impact, remember to take the handle out! The large size (#8) is a pretty beefy clamp!

Todd Beaver
Great Design

Thank you guys for your clamp designs. I was a little skeptical but these are better than I thought. Well worth the money and I plan to purchase some more

They work great

These clamps are the answer to the pain in the keester clamps that everyone has in there shop. They are fast opening and closing, they hold on like a 3 year old at a horror house. For crying out loud you get to use an impact to tighten and loosen them! That’s a star on your man card in its self! Are they more expensive then the junk at Home Depot and Lowe’s? Yes! They are built to work as hard as a border collie at the Wimbledon. These are clamps for men with hair on their chest and dirt on there boots, these ain’t made to hold your latte while you drive your Prius to your hair stylist.
All the MEN that read this should buy these clamps, because they scream iam a man! And I may need to clamp something... Really HARD!

Ronald Erdelyi
Best clamps I ever used in my 22yrs of manufacturing

These clamps are are the real deal,I had my concerns because I never heard of the company but I made the right decision, first week of owning the no#6 series I had to put them to work on a handrail revision that was made after the rails were already welded solid,if you know anything about welding then you know the parts will pull and binde up due to the nature of the heat affected areas of the weld joint, after I cut the rails apart they were given me a hard time going back in the fixture I made,put 2 no#6 clamps on the rails and my impact driver to it and I took almost zero effort forcing them back into place to refit the end of the rails back together,I highly recommend the clamps for metal fabrication

Thank you for the great review Ronald and the awesome picture! After reading your review, I was curious if you made it a '1 star' review instead of a '5 star' review by mistake.

Thanks again for your support!
-Emmet Costen, Co-Founder

Brandon Neal
Amazing clamps ! Probably the best..

I ordered my first one and then ordered a second a couple hours of receiving it.. these clamps are the best .. only wish they a lil more affordable