Open Source Clamp Peripherals | Modular Customization

DIMIDE 1/4 Series Open Source Peripherals

Why Open Source Peripherals?

At DIMIDE, we care about making quality and useful tools and we believe the best way to do that is through open-sourcing solutions. This way anyone can submit new modular peripheral ideas or make their own peripherals based off of engineering drawings and/or CAD models. We will continue listening to the community and if a new peripheral jaw has enough demand we will manufacture it in-house and offer it for sale to anyone who would rather purchase the jaw rather than make their own with the drawing & CAD sets.

Customizable Clamps

Over the past 5 years of obsessing over clamps, we noticed one common trend, most fabricators wanted to or would customize their clamps to perfectly meet their needs. Of course, given how many different projects there are in the world its nearly impossible to come up with a perfect solution for every project. That's where modularity helps.

DIMIDE 1/4 Series Modular Design

Instead of designing specific one off solutions for each project, we decided to design a high-quality base clamp. While the base clamp is a great stand alone clamp for a lot of projects, more niche projects demand custom solutions.

Custom Modular Solutions For Niche Projects

Today if you need a long reach clamp or something else for a one off project you're stuck either buying a one off solution or trying to permanently modify an existing clamp. Instead with the Dimide 1/4 Series Clamp you will be able to either purchase or make your own modular parts. Modularity prevents the need to permanently modify a clamp, instead you can simply attach the modular part for niche jobs.

For instance, if you need 24-inches of reach instead of buying a completely new clamp, you will be able to either purchase arm extensions or download our drawing and CAD set to make your own.

DIMIDE 1/4 Series Long Reach Extension ARms

Buy or Make Your Own

While we do plan on selling peripherals, we also want to make sure that customers who want to make their own have the resources they need to make sure they perform.

Download Peripheral Drawings & CAD Files


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