Dimide 5 HD Series Clamp | Impact-Rated

Dimide 5 HD Series Clamp | Impact-Rated

Dimide 5 HD Series Clamp | Impact-Rated

  • Stop struggling tightening clamps. Get the clamp force you've always wanted without hurting your wrists. Starting getting a grip you can trust every time with ease.

    Stop trading power for speed. The DIMIDE HD Series Clamp combines 10X the speed of other clamps with relentless clamping force that won't let go of your parts.

    Stop cluttering up your work with countless under performing clamps. The DIMIDE HD Series Clamp allows you to confidently hold down your work with fewer clamps.

    Become the boss of your parts.

      • 1/2" Impact Wrench Compatible (1/2-Inch Hex)
      • T-handle (Removable)
      • V-Grooved Shoes
      • Weld Spatter Protected Copper Coated Shoes & Screw
      • Ratchet Compatible
      • Storage & Reaction Bar Holes
      • Factory greased screws
      • Made in the USA
      • Max clamping force: 7,700 pounds
      • Manual torque rating: 180 foot-pounds
      • Impact wrench rating: 400 foot-pounds
      • Open Throat Depth (max):3 5/8 Inches
      • Closed Throat Depth (min): 3 Inches
      • Clamp Opening Capacity: 5 Inches
        • Time to fully open/close when driven with an impact wrench: 2.0 seconds


    Load Rating

    Max clamping force: 7,700 lbs

    Manual torque rating: 180 ft*lbs

    Impact wrench rating: 1/2-Inch or 400 ft*lbs

    Throat Depth

    5-Inch: 3 5/8 in. (max) 3 in. (min)
    8-Inch: 5 3/4 in. (max) 4 1/2 in. (min)
    12-Inch: 8 3/4 in. (max) 6 3/4 in. (min)

    (max) at full open; (min) at full closed

    Clamp Opening Capacity

    5-Inch: 5 inches
    8-Inch: 8 inches
    12-Inch: 12 inches


    5-Inch: 8.0 lbs
    8-Inch: 12.0 lbs
    12-Inch: 19.7 lbs

    Relentless Grip With Ease

    Stop hurting your wrists and let power tools do the work!

    DIMIDE HD Series Clamps are compatible with up to 1/2 Inch or 600 ft-lbs Impact Wrenches which make quick and easy work of delivering down to over 5,000 lbs of relentless clamp force.

    The Old Fashioned Way

    Sometimes a T-handle is all you want.

    Each DIMIDE HD Series Clamp includes an easy to remove detent T-handle for manual tightening. This allows you to easily finesse the clamp before hammering down with an Impact Wrench.

    Removable T-handle

    Easy Manual Clamping

    Don't have an Impact Wrench handy?

    The DIMIDE HD Series Clamp also makes it easy to tighten with a ratchet, breaker bar or torque wrench for easy manual tightening.


    10x Faster

    Clamp down parts with the speed of a pit crew.


    Intimidate your parts with impact wrench power.


    Stop breaking a sweat trying to make your parts stay put.

    Meet the DIMIDE HD Series Clamp

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    Great tool
    outstanding clamp
    Definitely the best
    Thank you for your review James. We hope they last for generations!
    Thank you for your review. We love working with our customers!
    This apparently graduates from engineering to some kind of magic...
    Thank you for your review George. Our goal is always to create something magical through great engineering!