The DIMIDE Clamp Is Fast... Manual or Power Driven

Dimide 1/4 Series Clamp Speed

The DIMIDE Clamp is fast. Clamp down 10X faster with a secure grip thanks to impact compatibility. If you don't have an impact, don't worry, the DIMIDE Clamp still tightens 2X faster compared to other clamps thanks to the turnbuckle screw.

10X Faster Power Tool Tightening

Power tools are fast, easy, and most importantly effective. Our goal with the DIMIDE Clamp was simple, to make it fast, easy, and effective. There was only one sure way to achieve this, bring all the benefits of power tools to clamps. We started by making the impact wrench compatible DIMIDE HD Series Clamp.

Impact compatibility delivers 10X faster tightening while also delivering a secure grip. With a 1/2" Impact Wrench, the DIMIDE HD Series Clamp delivers over 5,000 lbs of clamp force in just a few seconds. With a 1/4" Impact Driver, the DIMIDE 1/4 Series Clamp will deliver up to 2,000 lbs of clamp force in just a few seconds.

2X Faster Hand Tightening

The DIMIDE Clamp not only tightens quickly with a power tool, it also does by hand. Thanks to the turnbuckle screw and clamp configuration design, the DIMIDE Clamp hand tightens at least 2X faster than other clamps.

The turnbuckle screw and the DIMIDE Clamp's configuration allows for the DIMIDE 1/4 Series Clamp to tighten at a rate of 1-Inch per 6 turns and the DIMIDE HD Series Clamp to tighten at a rate of  1-Inch per 4.5 turns. This delivers at least 2X the speed of standard clamps and is still even faster than comparable clamps with ACME screws. A standard 1/2-Inch Diameter ACME screw tightens at a rate of 1-Inch per 10 turns.

Speed Without Reduced Performance

Making faster clamps isn't a new concept. Clamp manufacturers have been trying to reduce set-up time for a long time with faster clamps. While most of these methods have involved trading clamping force for speed, the DIMIDE Clamp combines speed and clamping force to delivered unmatched performance.

How Other Clamps Compare

While trying to get speed out of clamp is nothing new, there has always been a trade off between speed and clamp force. Whether using an f-clamp sliding feature, or a locking clamp design, you are sacrificing clamping force for speed. Some clamps also use an ACME screw to deliver greater screw movement per rotation without sacrificing power.

The Dimide Clamp uses two methods to deliver speed without sacrificing power. Instead of relying on designs that reduce power for increased speed, the Dimide Clamp uses power tools to combine speed and power. The Dimide 1/4 Series Clamp will also include a grooved hex to lock into impact drivers for single-handed use. Manually, the turnbuckle screw and clamp configuration allows for 2X the tightening speed compared to ACME screw clamps without sacrificing power.


The DIMIDE Clamp delivers speed without sacrificing clamp force or performance thanks to impact compatibility and the turnbuckle screw.

The DIMIDE 1/4 Series Clamp is coming soon to Kickstarter to make impact compatible clamps affordable.



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