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Strong Workholding Increases Feed Rates

Strong Workholding Increases Feed Rates

In the machining and fabrication world not much matters more than your production time per part. In order to increase production, machinists are constantly looking to increase their feed rate while maintaining quality and of course preventing a dangerous situation where a part comes loose.

Increase Feed Rates With Increased Clamping Force

At Dimide we specialize in making heavy-duty impact wrench compatible clamps that effortlessly deliver over 5,000 lbs of clamping force. Needlessly to say, 5,000 lbs of clamping force is a lot. For reference a Hummer weighs between 4,800 lbs and 6,600 lbs which is well within our clamps load rating. This means you could either park a hummer on a part to hold it down (assuming you manage to fit all 4 tires on the part) or you could use one of our clamps. You may be wondering how you could benefit from having the equivalent of a literal hummer holding down your work. The answer to that is simple, if your parts can't move and can resist significant vibrations due to the massive clamping force then you can significantly increase your feed rates and therefore reduce your production time which leads to increased business and revenue!

Real Life Success

One of our customers and local machinists was milling a large peice of steel and was having trouble keeping the peice still while using some of our competitors clamps. Prior to using the Dimide Clamp, he was trying to use four kant-twist clamps  which was as many as he could fit on the parts surface. Unfortunately even at a low feed rate the part just wouldn't stop moving. Being down the streets from Dimide, he decided to give our clamps a try. Using a 1/2" impact wrench he tightened down the clamp to over 5,000 lbs of load and tried machining it again. This time not only did the part not move at all, he was also able to significantly increase the feed rate. As you can see in the video, his entire mill was shaking, but the part stayed perfectly in place thanks to the high clamping force of the Dimide Clamp.