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Dimide Clamp Versatility


With all the options available for clamps, why choose a Dimide Clamp?

One reason is versatility.

C-Clamps today all have one thing in common, the only method to tighten them is through using the tiny T-handle on the screw. If you're like most of us, this tiny handle has caused a lot of frustration. Whether it's hurting your hands to tighten the clamp enough, or feeling the time tick away while you slowly tighten the clamp. Many of you I'm sure have had the desire to take a cheater pipe to increase your leverage so that you could finally deliver the load you need. Unfortunately, if you're also like many, using that cheater pipe resulted in breaking the clamp. This is why we decided to develop the Dimide Clamp.

Dimide Clamp with Impact Wrench
Using high strength steel and advanced design software the Dimide Clamp is designed to use the hex head driver of your choice. This means you finally don't need to shy away from using a breaker bar to deliver the load you want. The Dimide Clamp is also compatible with impact wrenches so that you can deliver over 5,000 lbs of clamp load in 1.5 seconds. This makes the Dimide Clamp the only high-speed clamp that can deliver a reliable grip every time.

Dimide Clamp Speed GIF

If your job doesn't require high load or you don't have a hex head driver handy simply use Dimide's ergonomic handle. The handle is even removable, allowing you to get the clamp into tight spaces. The handle is located on the opposite end of the screw from the hex head so you can quickly adjust the clamp using the handle and then secure the clamp using an impact wrench.

Dimide Clamp with Handle

Having a hex head also makes the Dimide Clamp compatible with any other hex head drivers including ratchets, torque wrenches and more. This way you can use your favorite ratchet to tighten the clamp without hurting your hands on a small handle. Or use a torque wrench to deliver the load you want.

With the Dimde Clamp, you'll finally be able to put away the cheater pipe and tighten your clamps the way you've always wanted to.