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1/4 Series Modular Upper Pipe Shoe

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1/4 Series Modular Upper Pipe Shoe

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Clamp pipe with your DIMIDE 1/4 Series Clamp with this modular pipe shoe! Use it to clamp any pipe diameter between 1/4 inch and 5 inches.

Unlike other similar clamps, our pipe shoe allows you to clamp pipe perpendicular to the clamp. This is thanks to our anti-rotation second pin.

When using the upper pipe shoe you can store other clamp shoes in any of the extra mounting holes to make them easily accessible for when you want to switch out the shoes.

Each pipe shoe includes the following.

  • 1x Upper Pipe Shoe
  • 2x Upper Detent Pins
  • Does NOT include 1/4 Series Clamp

We are offering three version of the pipe shoe so that it can fit any of your needs.

  • Zinc Plated | Corrosion Protection
  • Uncoated | Weldable
  • Copper Coated | Weld Spatter Protection

Want to make your own pipe shoes?

Download the CAD files (.dxf & .stp) as well as drawings at the following link. To make your own pipe shoes, you will need two pins per pipe shoe. These pins are also available for purchase.


Don't forget to share your builds with us, we can't wait to see them!