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With all the options available for clamps, why choose a Dimide Clamp?

One reason is comfort.

The Dimide Clamp delivers high load without hurting your hands.

Traditional C-Clamps have created a struggle most of us are all too familiar with. The struggle between tightening the clamp to the desired amount and enduring the discomfort from the handle digging into your hands. Not only is this uncomfortable, the repetitive wrist twisting required for tightening a clamp creates a risk for an upper extremity work-related musculoskeletal disorder. 

A common solution to this is using a cheater bar, but this risks breaking the clamp from applying more torque than the clamp was designed for.

Another common solution is using a quick-action bar clamp or a locking C-Clamp. However, these clamps have limited load capabilities which means you'll need more clamps for the same job or risk part-slippage.

At Dimide we wanted to create a clamp that didn't hurt your hands, delivered reliable grip, and was easy to use. This is when we asked ourselves why are we still hand tightening clamps?

Instead of using a handle, we decided to provide a hex-head for use with an impact wrench. However, simply adding a hex-head wasn't enough, we also needed to design the clamp for high torque loads. While testing the clamp, we found there was a need to provide additional safety features for impact wrench use as well.

The result is a clamp that delivers reliable grip for any job without discomfort. This allows you to work pain-free and focus on the job at hand.

Dimide Comfort