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With all the options available for clamps, why choose a Dimide Clamp?

One reason is speed.

Tightening with 10x the speed, the Dimide Clamp slashes time wasted slowly tightening clamps. 

With the world moving faster, speed is becoming more crucial than ever. This has led to the increased popularity of quick release and locking clamps. However, if you need to trust that something is secure, these clamps simply don’t deliver. 

When a deadline is approaching there is nothing worse than having a part slip causing an undesired cut or a poor weld. Every time a clamp doesn’t hold, the time and material costs cut into your profits.

Before if you wanted a secure grip you needed to rely on the slow process of hand tightening clamps which adds a bottleneck to your workflow. This time lost tightening clamps reduces productivity and costs money. 

Thanks to the Dimide Clamp, you can finally have the best of both speed and grip. Tightening from completely opened to closed in 1.5 seconds while consistently delivering over 5,000 lbs of load. The Dimide Clamp saves you time and money while putting your worries about part-slippage to rest.

Dimide Speed.