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With all the options available for clamps, why choose a Dimide Clamp?

One reason is power.

With impact wrench compatibility the clamp quickly delivers over 5,000 lbs of clamp load to ensure a secure grip or close stubborn weld gaps.

With power tools becoming standard in every shop, it's time for clamps to get their well-deserved upgrade. Today's clamps are limited to hand tightening making fabricators struggle to get the grip they want. 

As every fabricator knows too well, there is no undo button in fabrication. When a part slips because a clamp isn't secure enough you lose valuable time and money while remaking the part. This delays schedules and puts further pressure on meeting a deadline. Not only does this cut into profits and time, it can also create a safety hazard. Every time a clamp doesn't hold there is a potential for the part to turn into a projectile putting people at risk.

Stubborn weld gaps can be the dread of any welder. Welders either have to close a gap using countless hand clamps or bridge the gap which increases the risk of not passing inspection. The power of the Dimide Clamp makes closing weld gaps quick and painless.

Whether you need more grip to prevent a part from slipping or to close stubborn weld gaps, the Dimide Clamp delivers. With the Dimide Clamp, the days of "breaking your back" to tighten a clamp are over.

5-Inch Dimide Clamp Specifications

8-inch Dimide Clamp Specifications