Dimide Changed My Shop

A common weldment assembly built in my shop required dozens of clamps. While using hand-tightened clamps, the setup would take 4 hours and arms and wrists would be sore and exhausted. While making a dozen of these structures I tried adapting a common c-clamp to an impact driver, but the screw would walk and the clamp twisted terribly. It was clear that a different clamp design was required. Several years later, I finally had an optimized design that my team described as "kick-ass". Using what became the Dimide Clamp, that weldment assembly takes only 30 minutes and it is effortless compared to the old c-clamps. 

Throughout my shop, the Dimide Clamp is saving time and money. The productivity improvement is not due to just the speed and power of the clamps. My team of welders are happier. No one has to break their wrists tightening clamps anymore.

Dimide Team


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