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With all the options available for clamps, why choose a Dimide Clamp?

One reason is to increase productivity.

The Dimide Clamp combines speed with power to save you time and money.

Fabrication clients care about three things, time, cost and quality. To compete in today's competitive industry, you need to focus on optimizing all three of these to provide the top service that potential clients are looking for.

Dimide Clamp Comparison

Dimide Clamp Comparison (units in lbs)

Dimide Clamp Peak Load: 5,198.52 lbs (400 foot-pound Impact Wrench)

Other Clamp Peak Load: 1700.42 lbs (Hand Tightened)

To accelerate delivery times, fabricators need to be on constant lookout for ways to reduce time requirements at every step in the process. The Dimide Clamp tightens from fully open to closed in 1.5 seconds while competitor clamps take 15 seconds or longer. With 10x the speed, you'll save precious time otherwise wasted tightening clamps so that you can accelerate your delivery schedule.

Dimide Clamp vs Other Clamp Slipping

Dimide Clamp vs Other Clamp Slipping

There is no undo button with fabrication. If a part moves during a cut that material is simply waste, and you have to start fabricating that part from the beginning again. This is a huge waste of valuable time and materials. With the Dimide Clamp’s ability to consistently deliver over 5,000 lbs of clamp load with ease, parts simply don’t slip.

Clamp Gap Closing Comparison

Dimide Clamp vs Other Clamp Closing a Gap.

To providing customers top quality products you need to be constantly investing in equipment to remain competitive in today's ever-changing market. The Dimide Clamp helps make quality products by effortlessly delivering a reliable grip so that you can better focus on your work without worrying about part slippage. 

No matter who your client is, the Dimide Clamp helps you deliver an experience that will keep clients coming back for years to come.