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With all the options available for clamps, why choose a Dimide Clamp?

One reason is Quality.

With over 30 years of Aerospace Engineering design and development experience, our founder's goal is to bring the quality he has come to expect from the aerospace industry to the tool industry. His vision started with the development of the Dimide Clamp. 

The Dimide Clamp has been designed from start to finish with the goal of creating a clamp that can keep up in today's fast-paced environment. In order to do this, advanced engineering tools such as finite element analysis (FEA) were used to generate accurate models of the clamp's stresses in order to optimize the design for use with an impact wrench. After countless design iterations, part geometries and materials were optimized to deliver high performance while eliminating unnecessary material. High strength steels were also selected to meet the design requirements for impact wrench compatibility, while maintaining a low clamp weight and preventing potentially dangerous brittle failures.

Dimide Clamp CAD Model

FEA Clamp Analysis

Dimide Clamp FEA model

With every aspect of the clamp analyzed to ensure that the design met our high standards of quality and ensured the longevity of the clamp, we met with our local machine shop to have initial prototypes manufactured. With these prototypes in hand, we then began to visit fabricators, trade shows and ran a survey to obtain feedback to improve the clamp's usability. With this feedback, we decided to incorporate safety features, a round handle, copper coated screws and zinc plating. Safety features were added to the clamp to prevent injury due to the quick and powerful actuation when used with an impact wrench. The round handle allowed the clamp to be tightened without the use of an external tool and can be left on while the clamp is used with an impact wrench. Copper coated screws prevent weld spatter build up, increasing the clamp's longevity. Zinc plating prevents rust while giving the clamp a great looking finish!

Dimide Clamp Prototype

Initial Dimide Clamp Prototype

Once we had our design finalized, we needed to find manufacturers who could meet these same standards. We decided to fabricate every part of the clamp in the United States to improve transparency, improve quality and to support our local manufacturers. Prior to manufacturing, we met with each fabricator to make certain that the selected methods were chosen to best reflect the high standards of quality.

Final Dimide Clamp

Final Dimide Clamp Prototype

Every Dimide Clamp is finally assembled at our headquarters in Milford, Connecticut. Here every part is inspected prior to assembly to ensure it meets specifications. Then once the clamp is assembled it is inspected again and tested to 120% of its rated load. After a clamp passes our rigorous inspection process it is then prepared for shipment.

Dimide's goal is to provide tools to last decades and can be passed down to the next generation. This is why at every step we strive to deliver the highest quality possible so that when you get a Dimide tool you know that it's a tool you can depend upon for decades to come.