Power Up Your Clamps

Impact-Rated Clamps Effortlessly Deliver The Force You Need


Get The Grip Without The Weight

Impact-Rated, Powerful, Fast, Effortless, and Modular. This Clamp Does It All

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Struggle-Free Heavy-Duty Clamping

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Power Up Your Clamps

Don't choose between ease-of-use, power, or speed when you can pick all three.
Effortless Tightening

Don't hurt your wrists tightening clamps. Impact-Rated construction makes tightening clamps to a secure grip as easy as pushing a button.


A powerful grip is a safe grip. Don't risk a part slipping due to relying on a clamp that doesn't deliver the clamp force you need. Other clamps make you choose between speed and power, we let you have both.


Clamp down with 10X the speed using an impact or 2X the speed manually thanks to the turnbuckle design. This way you can clamp down with speed regardless of your preferred tightening method.

1/4 Series Clamp Features

The one clamp that delivers unmatched performance, ease-of-use, and versatility.

  • Impact-Rated Construction

    The 1/4 Series Clamp is designed and built to be used with 1/4 Inch Impact Drivers for fast, easy, and reliable clamping.

  • Modular Design

    The 1/4 Series Clamp is a master of all trades thanks to it's modular design. Whether you need a top quality welding ground or pipe clamp, the 1/4 Series Clamp has you covered. Modular design allows you to easily switch out shoes to make it the perfect clamp for any job.

  • Single-Handed Operation

    You finally don't need two hands to get a reliable clamping force. Locking the 1/4 Series Clamp to an impact driver allows you to deliver 1,700 lbs of clamp force effortlessly with just one hand. Try to do that with any other clamp.

  • Multi-Use T-Handle

    Sometimes you don't want to reach for an impact. The multi-use T-handle has you covered. It's also fast and easy to remove for when you get tired of manually tightening the clamp.

    The multi-use T-handle may also be used as reaction bar to make tightening the clamp with a torque wrench easy.

Meet The DIMIDE Team

Mike Costen, President & Co-Founder | Center

Emmet Costen, Business Development & Co-Founder | Right

Ed Murphy, Business Development | Left

DIMIDE's Story

Founded in 2016 by father and son team, Mike and Emmet Costen who are both structural engineers. DIMIDE started after struggling with typical clamps one too many times and knowing that we could put our talents together to create a superior product that was easy to tighten to the force we wanted. Our goal was to create a clamp that didn't hurt our hands while delivering a secure grip every time. This is when Mike had an idea, we could use one of our impact wrenches to tighten the clamp. This would provide an ergonomic solution while delivering high clamp load. After putting his over 30 years of structural engineering experience to work, he came up with an optimized clamp design and we haven't looked back since!